Enrollment Terms and Conditions

Get Set and Go: Your Passport to the Future:

Dear Students,

On behalf of the facilitators, staff and management of Jetking, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Jetking family. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for taking charge of your life and joining a skill-based programme that will make you future ready. May all your dreams come true, and may you take your days at Jetking as the stepping stone to a long and fruitful career ahead.

At Jetking, we are committed to providing you skills that can make you future ready. We are inline with rapid changes and technologies that are shaping the world today and have designed our courses to help you lead the way to the future. Your education at Jetking gives you much more than just a certificate. It gives you the confidence and ability to accept challenges and contribute to the IT industry across the world.

Our facilitators and team are continually working towards improving your knowledge and skills, helping you build your confidence and ensuring that you are ready for the corporate sector.

Use this opportunity to focus, practice and take charge of your life. Your confidence and self-belief can take you far ahead. This book is like a passport to the future. Please read the pages of this passport and follow it carefully. The information provided herewith acquaints you with the policies, procedures, and flow of course and extra -curricular activities both academically and outside the classroom. Wishing you all the best for a great life ahead.


Suresh G. Bharwani Chairman

History of Jetking:

Jetking Infotrain Limited, as is known today, was founded as Navbharat Radio by the visionary and patriot Shri Gordhandas Bharwani in Mumbai as a trading agency dealing in electronic items such as transistors and radios. Through sheer hard work and consummate skills he made Navbharat Radio Agency as country’s leading manufacturer of transistors and radios.

In 1980, Suresh G. Bharwani, the present Chairman joined his father and cut his teeth into this fiercely competitive business. However, he always believed in leaving his footprints for others to follow rather than following the herd. This approach led him in developing “Do-It- Yourself” electronic kits with lucidly written and graphically designed manual that enabled customers to assemble a whole range of electronic items. Soon these kits became a rage and the success experienced, laid the foundation for the Hardware training that was eventually started in 1990 at Sewri, Mumbai by him.

During 1990, India witnessed an unprecedented boom in the IT industry, thanks to the advent of cost effective and affordable PCs. As the demand for software to run on these PCs rose, so did the demand for software professionals. Soon the software institutes started mushrooming in every nook and corner. Jetking, under the stewardship of Suresh G. Bharwani, added another dimension to this. Instead of joining the rat race, it ventured into Hardware training. People prophesized doom and called it a one-night dream. But soon they were proved wrong and Jetking went from strength to strength and today it stands tall and serves as the light post to lakhs of student who turn to Jetking to realize their unfulfilled dreams.

What made it so successful? The first and foremost was the Chairman’s commitment to create opportunities for others and his foresight that caught the demand for the trained professionals in computer hardware early on. Second, was the training methodology that derives its origin from three great philosophies, the first being Yoga, the second being the Oriental Philosophy of “What I hear I forget, What I see I remember and What I do I understand” and the third being the Participant Centric Training Laws of world class famous training guru Robert W. Pike.

Bob Pike’s three great philosophies gave rise to Smartlab Plus, a unique training methodology that develops students into successful professionals and fine human beings. It ensures that they are focused and have fun while learning.

Jetking, initially offered basic courses in hardware, now offers advanced networking and many other advanced technologies like Cloud, Ethical hacking & Internet of Things (IoT). In order to ensure that Jetking students are globally accepted, it started vendor collaboration with the leaders. It joined hands with Novell in 1997 as NEAP (Novell Education Academic Partner) and with Microsoft in 2003 as MCP (Microsoft Certified Partner). It had also joined hands with VUE to offer testing facility for certification & had become corporate member of CompTIA in 2003.

In 2008, Jetking Collaborated with Heathkit Educational Systems Inc., USA to bring Computer Fault Simulation Kits into India. Using these kits, students were provided exposure to real life problems. In 2008 Jetking also tied up with WatchGuard to provide firewall training to its student

In 2009, Jetking launched JetEdge an innovative computer based English and PD training program. In 2011, Tablet PC course, Mobile Application Development Printer and Laptop Repair courses were launched. In 2012, Jetking introduced “Digitization” a revolutionary delivery model.

In 2015, introduced Learning Management System (LMS), an online platform for the students to access content from anywhere.

Introduced the 21st century learning methodology "Smartlabplus" in 2016 and introduced hybrid learning methodology and Blockchain technology enabled courses in 2020-2021

Jetking believes in providing the best to its students, our facilitator is the central axis to any training delivery. In order to enable the facilitator to remain up-to-date with current technologies, regular training programs are conducted by the industry leaders. It also emphasises the uniformity of delivery across its centers and that is why it is audited for ISO 9001:2015.

Jetking has survived the doom of IT crash and is one of the very few companies that did not report any adverse business performance. It is because of its strong fundamentals. Rather than flying high, it has quietly made enormous improvements in its service quality and made every operation customer (Student) oriented. So if the past is any testimony then Jetking is heading in only one direction and that is up and above.

Corporate Strategic Statement:
Mission, Vision and Values

Mission :            To Provide Economic Independence To 10 Million People In India And Overseas.

Vision :              To Become A World-class Engine For Employment Generation Through An Efficient Partnership Network.

Core Values :    Quality. Trust. Self-motivation. Innovation. Hands-On. Learning & Teaching. Equanimity.

Credo :               When I hear, I forget
                            When I hear and see, I remember
                            When I question and discuss, I beginto understand
                            When I go on 'to do', I acquire knowledge and skill
                            When I teach another, I master
                            When I learn to be equanimous, I am able to grow to my full potential

The Jetking Promise
The Goals of Jetking are:

     1. To enable and encourage students to rely on their unique and rich cultural background as a foundation for their learning, growth, and transformation.
     2. To guide students to adapt their knowledge and skills to the context and needs of real people, real problems and real situations in which they live and work.
     3. To provide facilities and world-class technologies that incorporate knowledge of human learning process, motivation, retention, satisfaction, knowledge construction and expertise.
     4. To coach and prepare students for job placement and career success.
     5. To create an environment where students and facilitators can learn from mutual experiences and excel as an individual and as team members in fulfillment of Jetking’s mission.
     6. To enhance employability of students not only in technologies but also in personality development & communication skills.

SmartLabplus 5.0 - 21st Century Learning Methodology
SmartLab+ 5.0 is a revolutionary training delivery methodology, designed for Gen Z. Highlights of this methodology are:

     1. The curriculum is designed based on tasks that a Desktop Support Engineer will have to do after joining a job.
     2. Pre-sees will be available on LMS and Mobile. The students will be going through these pre-sees before coming to the class.
     3. Before the session starts, students will perform 5 minutes of Yoga to settle down and improve concentration.
     4. In the class the students will go through group work and discuss what they have studied at home.
     5. The student will go through a technical scenario based on what he has learnt. The technical scenarios are basically industry applications. These scenarios will have customer support techniques.
     6. Technical scenarios will be followed by simulations or videos demonstrating how the task needs to be performed. The simulations have “Show-Me” “Try Me” and “Test-Me” options too.
     7. One day students will have theory/activity session and the next day will be practical.

For better understanding and retention various active learning strategies are used in class like - Flipped Class Room, Group Work, Think- Pair-Share (TPS), Brainstorming, Role Plays, Scenarios, Case Studies, Mind Map and gamification.

Look for this certificate to be assured of Authorised Jetking Centre

Jetking Official Receipt

Note: If you do not receive your receipt in the above format your installment /fee for that month will be waived off. Call us on
+91 7666830000 to register the same or mail us on [email protected]

Academic Policies & Guidelines:

1. Jetking’s Academic Program Goals:

     a. Support the goals and purpose of the institution.
     b. Teach technical skills, theoretical concepts and practical experience to prepare students for their careers.
     c. Develop in students a sense of responsibility to the standards and ideals of the profession.
     d. Train the importance of ethical behavior in students’ personal and professional lives.
     e. Guide students, how to be become personally and professionally successful.
     f. Preparing Students for Employability.

2. Curriculum:

Jetking’s curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the demand of the IT industry. Since the industry is changing fast, our curriculum is frequently updated to suit to the requirements of the IT industry. The curriculum is subject to change without notice from time to time.

3. Attendance:
     a. Classes can be conducted in any of the following modes – physical, hybrid (part online & part-offline) and asynchronous (recorded session and online masterclass as schedule).
     b. Students to attend the sessions on the video-conference link provided by Jetking when the class conduction is done in hybrid mode or online masterclass sessions are conducted
     c. Students to be punctual and login for the session well in time, so that they do not miss out on lectures

3.1 Absenteeism

Absenteeism is defined as not attending any session without proper permission from the facilitator. In case of sickness, the student has to submit an application duly signed by a parent / guardian & supported by a medical certificate issued by a registered doctor/medical practitioner.

The following rules apply and must be followed:

     a. Three (3) days absenteeism, either continuous or staggered per semester is allowed.
     b. Minimum 80% attendance (in both technical and PD classes) is required to be eligible for placement. All matters related to student absenteeism are to be communicated to the class facilitator on Smartrain (Please note that absences are counted from the firstday of the start of the module. In case student joins the course in between the module, then for that module, 80% attendance will be considered from the day of joining). Students will be given marks on the basis of their class
     c. Students with Attendance below 80% in their final exam, will be given zero in “attendance” component in the exam evaluation.

3.2 Late Coming

     a. Students are expected to be in class on time.
     b.The late comers, i.e. those who come late by 10 minutes will be marked ‘L’ in the attendance.
     c. If a student has 3 'L' marks in a month, they will be fined Rs. 100.

3.3 Refund Policy/Admission Cancellation/Course Downgrade:

     a. NO REFUNDS (in any form – partial/full/conditional) of JK-course fees/registration or booking amount, wef 1st March 2022.
     b. There is no provision of course downgrading.

3.4 Drop-out Re-enrolment policy

Triggering Mechanism:

     • If a student fails to pay their EMI within the stipulated time frame i.e. 30 days the auto dropout policy will be applicable.
     • This could be detected through an automated monitoring of payment records through the CRM/ERP system.
     • For example, if a student's EMI due dateisthe1stof April 2024 and if he/she has not paid the monthly EMIs by 30th of April 2024, the system will automatically mark the student as a dropout after 1st May 2024.

     • Actions:
Once triggered, the auto dropout policy might initiate a series of actions. For instance:
     • Students will be debarred from accessing JK center's facilities and resources.
     • Students are not permitted to attend any Theory or Practical sessions in Drona/Arjuna classroom.

To reactivate/resume from Auto dropout:
     • The student needs to pay the EMI amount plus the Dropout charges which is INR.1180 (including GST) to reactivate or resume the course in the ERP/CRM system.
     • The INR.1180, as Dropout resume charges will be appilcable for the first 3 (three) instances. From the 4th instance, the charges will be INR.2360.

A student Dropout for 5 instances/times, will be declared as complete dropout and his/her course will be discontinued from the date of Dropout. The Learning centre will not be liable to provide any service to the student, including and not limited to, exams, certification and placement support.

Exception to the Policy:

     a. In case of Discount not updated in the system, then the student will not be dropped out on account of the EMI mismatch, provided the student pays the regular EMI committed (limited to the standard discount as approved by the Jetking-HO)
     b. In case of a student having paid in advance, then the student will not be dropped-out till the advance amount and the balance of the due EMI has been paid by the student. For example, a student pays INR.30,000 as advance, where his EMI is 4000 pm. Then in this case, the student cannot be dropped out in the 8th month, if he pays INR.4000 EMI in the 8 th month(regular EMI Payment). The payment of INR.4000 (regular EMI because of short invoicing not possible in the CRM)
     c. A waiver on the Re-admission fee shall not be given without approval from the head office.
     d. Students need to clear all pending fees at the time of re-admission
     e. Students cannot downgrade or change the course.
     f. The student needs to pursue the same course and No Certificate of Participation will be issued for the Dropout Students.
     g. The students exceeding the statute of the limit will not be eligible for re-enrolment.

3.5 Leave / Break

     a. Each student can be given maximum 2 days Leave in a month without any backup session.
     b. In case of sick Leave: Medical certificate as a proof needs to be submitted. Medical certificate should be of a Doctor with MBBS or any equivalent/higher degree would be accepted.
     c. Break can be given once a year to the maximum tune of 15 days and for the students pursuing formal education it can be given twice in a year to the maximum tune of 30 days each,
     d. Student will apply for leave/break through LMS.
     e.Students have to pay installments during his/her break Period. Before Break his/her installments should be clear.

3.6 Batch Transfer

     a. Batch transfer fee would be Rs. 500/- + GST. If the student is assigned to the batch and if the batch sessions not yet started then no fee would be applicable. Batch transfer would be subject to availability of batch.
     b.Batch transfer will be given only in a slot in which same Semester/Topic batch is going on irrespective of timing.

3.7 Center Transfer

     a. Centre transfer will not be granted without Passport. (Centre transfer form in the passport has to be duly signed and stamped by your centre).
     b. Student Center Transfer can be done only once and after the completion of module/semester only.
     c. Center Transfer fees to be paid at source center and it would be Rs. 1000/- Plus GST compulsory.
     d. If student goes from B category center to A category center then difference of fee needs to be paid for the balance course and if the student goes from A category center to B category center then there will be no reversal offee.
     e. Student can transfer his course based on availability of course at the Destination center.
     f. Discount/Scholarship will be negligible during center Transfer. No discount will be carry forward in case of center transfer.
     g. Within Same City, no center transfer will be allowed.

3.8 Center Closure Transfer

     a. In the event of a center closure for any reason, the student needs to collect Centre Transfer Form from the closing centre for getting them transferred to other Jetking Centre.
     b. In case of centre closure, Jetking-HO will inform the student to join the nearest centre or the centre as per feasibility. Jetking Head Office retains the exclusive rights of centre allocation under this condition.

If the student does not go adhere to the decision of centre- transfer by Jetking-HO. In this case, Jetking-HO is not liable to give any further service to the student.

3.9 On Hold

Student can be marked as on hold only twice during his course.

3.10 SOL (Statute of Limit)

     a. Statute of Limit for any career course is 1.5 times the duration of the course, except for Formal courses, where the guidelines of the external authority will be taken into consideration. In the event the course is retired, the student has to take fresh admission in the course which is being offered at the centre, without any contest and the current fees will be applicable.
     b. Post statute of limit student will not be eligible to demand any services with respect to lectures, examination, certification, placement, re-enrolment or transfer and refund.
     c. If Course has changed/upgraded within SOL or student joining after long break then Student has to pay as per current course fee structure.

4. Unavoidable Batch Delays:

In case the facilitator fails to conduct a session, then make-up session will be arranged on a specific day and time with the agreement of students. These are compulsory sessions and the students must attend them without fail. In case any student does not attend the makeup session, then he has to cover the session on his own.

5. Classroom Discipline:

     a. The students must not disobey the facilitator and in case there is a grievance, he/she must bring it to the notice of the management through a letter.
     b. Talking loudly or joking is to be avoided at all cost.
     c. Students, while learning Internet, must avoid visiting unwanted websites. The institute reserves the right to punish the offending student very severely in case he is found to have violated the rules for internet usage.(Call to Parents, Rusticate from Class or Admission cancelled)

6. Exam Policy:

The student will be eligible for exams if he/she has completed the Subject and paid all his due installments.

There are two format of examination conduct – module-wise or semester-wise. The format to be followed is at the sole-discretion of the learning centre.

The examination process is defined below:

     1. The student will be eligible for exams if he/she has completed the subject and successfully completed all deliverables towards partial fulfillment of the undergoing course leading to the award of the completion certificate.
     2. No pending fees against his/her name, which also means that the student has paid on-time and regularly as per schedule of payment.
     3. Each student will go through both subject-wise evaluation which will comprise of the entire course curriculum and following heads:

     4. If any student is absent or failed in the subject exam and needs to re-appear, then repeater exam fees will be applicable, as per policy and defined process in the student passport
     5. Student placement is governed as per the Placement policy of Jetking. Students need to score minimum 50% marks in all subjects to be eligible for the placement
     6. If any student needs a hard copy of the certificate than he/she has to pay INR 750 (Inclusive of GST) to HO for the Certificate.

Note: Students not appearing for the exam once scheduled will be considered as absent and appearing in the next exam as repeater student after paying the repeater fees

1- Activity-Based Exam:

This exam is devised to aim students' participation in the class. Students need to attend classes regularly, actively participate in class activities and submit assignments on time

a. Weekly Subject Assignment

NOTE: Session-wise questions will assign through LMS Submission:
     1. Candidates will write the answers of questions in a notebook and submit it on LMS-Learnyst (scan copy, image etc.)
     2. Candidates will record his/her answers of any assignment of the week and upload on to Learnyst platform
     3. Internal trainer will evaluate them for the uploading on LMS (Learnyst)
     4. HO trainer will check and verify assignments
E.g.: In a subject PC hardware (Duration - 8 weeks, Total 20 Sessions) there are a total 20 assignments that need to be submitted (1 assignment per session). And the trainer can give 1-2 marks to each session assignment
!! Please note these numbers will vary based on the subject. !!

b. Videos on Answers
    a. Candidate will record his/her answers on week assignments through mobile / Camera and upload to LMS.
     1. In a week, Total 5 sessions will be completed by the trainer and 5 session-based assignments given through LMS (Total 25-30 Questions). The candidate will record a summary of his/her knowledge about 5 sessions and upload to LMS.
     2. HO trainer will check and distribute marks (5-6 marks) based on answers and presentation in videos based on following parameters
a. 100% assignment submission (Written & Videos)
    i. Submission of written answers and recorded videos on answers on Time, verifying from LMS records
b. Employability Skills
     i. The way of presenting answers (well-dressed, not moving, etc.)
c. Technical Knowledge
     i. Technical knowledge about topic and explanation given by candidate in recorded video

c. Class Participation:
    1. Class attendance of candidates (100%, 5 Marks)
    2. Asking doubts about topic or previous topic in class (15 Marks)
    3. Participates in SLP 5.0 techniques (5 Marks)

2- Subject Exam
a. This exam is devised to aim students to assess their technical knowledge and skills in the respective subject.

a. Module Final Exam: Online (10%)
     a. Single examination will be conducted by HO on every module
     b. The exam will consist of MCQ, SCQ
     c. Total number of questions will be 100
     d. It will be an online exam on proctored platform {mettl, wcp etc.
     e. Duration of the exam will be 60 mins
     f. The learners will be getting a schedule of all the exams at the course start so they are already prepared

b. English Communication: Online (10%)
     a. End of the subject, a single exam will be conducted by HO which includes Basic English, basic grammars, PD etc. MCQ based questions.
     b. Duration of the exam will be 60 mins.
     c. Total number of questions will be 100

c. Technical / PD Viva (40%)
     a. End of the subject, one final technical and PD viva will conduct·
     b. Internal / External SME will assign marks to candidates based on performance

d. Final Interviews (20 %)
     a. Conduction of mock interviews by External SME. 21

e. Practical Exam (20%)
     a. Duration of the practical exam will be 120 mins.
     b. 2-3 labs will be assigned to candidates for performing.
     c. Center trainer will check the labs and give marks to candidates according to the performance.

Example of Marks & Grade

Exam Validity:

The student has to complete all the formalities related to examination within 1 month of course completion. After 1 month the student can appear for exam by paying Rs. 500/- inclusive of GST (anytime within 2 years from the date of enrolment only).

7. Certification:

Upon successful completion of the course and passing the examination, students will be awarded a Jetking certification. Students scoring above 75% will receive the Jetking Job Guarantee, while those scoring above 50% will be provided with Job Assistance; both categories will also receive a Passing Certificate. However, students scoring below 50% will not be eligible for Placement Assistance or a Passing Certificate from the Institute.

A Certificate of Participation (COP) can be issued to students who have completed the course on or before 1st April 2021. Students must settle any outstanding course fees and additionally, they need to pay Rs. 3841 (inclusive of GST) to get the Certificate of Practice (COP).

Please note that the NSDC logo will not appear on the COP.

8. Cancellation of admission:

The institute may cancel the admission on account of the following:
     a. Non-payment of tuition fee as per the tuition fee payment details.
     b. Non-adherence to Student Code of Conduct.
     c. Practicing of unfair means during the examination as detailed in “Cheating”.
     d. In case of cancellation of admission, there is no further ownership of either Jetking Head Office or the learning centre to provide service to the student. The moment the admission is cancelled, the student forfeits the claim to any fees/monies paid to Jet-HO or the learning centre.
     e. In case of student pursuing formal program, cancellation of Admission will be as per the procedure and guidelines laid down by the competent authority.

9. Lab Facility:

     a. Every student gets individual PC for performing practical in the classroom mode of training.
     b. In the hybrid and asynchronous mode of training conduction, the student should mandatorily have his/her own PC/Laptop with a stable internet connectivity for the training.
     c. The student’s personal PC/Laptop can be either new or refurbished. It is important that the standard configuration match is as per the Jetking-HO guidelines

10. Fee:

     a. On taking admission student is required to pay the admission fee as per the course selected.
     b. Student has the facility to pay course fees in monthly installments. Student availing the installment facility has to make a certain down payment of the course fee at the time of admission.
     c. The installment is due on the first day of each subsequent month. The student must pay the fees by 5th of every month. 5 days grace period is given to pay fees without late fee. In case student pays fee between 11th and 20th of a month, he has to pay an additional Rs.100/- inclusive of GST as fine. If the installment is paid after 20th till end of the month then he has to pay Rs. 200/- inclusive of GST as fine. Failing to pay beyond that month the student would be barred from attending classes.
     d. As an exception to the above clause, a student whose admission took place on or after 25th of a month, the first installment will be due on the 1st day of second month, if batch starts on 25th April, then fee will be due on 1st June.
     e. In case a cheque provided by the student is returned by the bankers, the student has to pay a penalty of Rs. 750/- inclusive of GST
     f. Installment is due on first day of each subsequent month, irrespective of whether a student continues with the batch or takes break/transfer.
     g. Fees can be paid in cash, demand draft, multicity cheques or digital payment mode such as Debit/Credit cards, NEFT and Paytm.
     h. Any Student availing the installment facility may discontinue the installment mode of payment, by paying a onetime amount within 45 days of enrolment. This will result in considerable saving to the student. For more details contact your academic counselor.
     i. The institute reserves the right to make any changes in the fee structure from time to time. These charges will be binding on all old and new students.

11. Placement:

The institute offers placement free of cost to those students who complete the entire curriculum successfully. The following rules apply to the placement services offered by Jetking:

     a. Passing criteria: In order to get the Jetking Passing Certificate a learner should score a minimum of 50 %.
     b. Placements Eligibility: For a student who wants to get a placement from Jetking he/ she should score a minimum 50%.
     c. On the last day of the batch, student should have completed 18 years of age.
     d. The student must attend all mock interviews / extra grooming classes if required that are conducted by Jetking time to time to prepare him to face interviews.
     e. The student should have 80% attendance in Technical and 80% attendance in E&PD classes.
     f. The student should have appeared for all the Exams and earned a valid grade.
     g. Placement registration form must be filled by the student at the beginning of the second semester/ third module.
     h. Student can apply for delay (not more than 10 days) only once after his last exam. The job guarantee will no longer be applicable after a delay of 90 days. Students will receive placement assistance after a delay of 90 days.
     i. The candidate will be sent for the interview which he/she must attend according to the schedule. In case student wishes to change the time and date of interview he/ she should inform the placement in-charge well in advance.
     j. All correspondence with the employer must be routed through placement department only.
     k. The candidate is advised to refrain from discussing the salary offer unless otherwise instructed by the placement in-charge.
     l. The student would be placed only once by Jetking once he is placed.
     m. In a company he/ she can’t refuse the placement and ask the Institute to search for another opportunity.
     n. The candidate is required to contact Jetking after attending the interview to furnish all the details.
     o. When a candidate gets an offer for a job either by an offer letter or appointment letter, he/ she will have to produce the same for Jetking record.
     p. The candidate must work for minimum 12 months in a company where he/she has been placed by placement department.
     q. Depending on the vacancies available, a student may be offered a job at any location in India, if he/ she refuses the placement his job guarantee will cease and he would be entitled to placement assistance only.
      r. Jetking will take student testimonials and reserves the right to use it for showcasing and brand promotional purpose.

12. Placement Guarantee:

We can provide placement guarantee to the students scoring 75% and above i.e. Honors and Distinction. They will be getting a JETKING Passing Certificate.

13. Placement Assistance:

We can provide placement assistance to the students scoring 50 to 74%. They will be getting a JETKING Passing Certificate.

     • Students who fail are not eligible for placement assistance.
     • Students pursuing a career courses only are entitled under Jetking Job Guarantee/ Assistance.
     • There will be no Job guarantee/assistance for students pursuing Modular/Certification courses.

14. Grade Improvement Opportunity: (GIO)

     a. Students scoring below 75% - Only 1 extra attempt would be given to improve their scores and come under job Guarantee program. This would be chargeable (Rs 1000 + GST)
     b. Students scoring below 50% - Students those who have failed would get 1 extra attempt to be eligible for JETKING PASSING CERTIFICATE. This would be chargeable (Rs 1000 + GST)

15. Dress Code:

Since potential employers keep visiting the campus of the institute and to get accustomed to the corporate culture, it is very important that the students are properly attired and are well- groomed. Students have to observe formal dress code from Monday to Friday which includes:

a. For Boys
     i. Light colored shirt b. Dark colored trouser c. Matching tie, belt and shoes

b. For Girls
     ii. Salwar-Kurta or Western Formats that are non gaudy and non revealing.


     • Students will be allowed to wear rainy shoes (not sandals/ slippers) during monsoon.
     • Students will be allowed to wear decent casuals onSaturdays.
     • Students will not be allowed to wear shorts, jeans with hole/s or patch work etc. on any day.

General Policies

16. Name and Address Change:

     a. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the counselor immediately in the event of any change in address or name. Counselor would get done the necessary changes in SMARTRAIN.
     b. The name correction can be done within 3 months from date of admission after this period, request will be considered with a fee of Rs.500/- inclusive of GST.

17. Student Belongings:

The institute will not be responsible for the loss of any personal possessions of a student. In addition, the student must not bring the following to the institute:
     a. Tools of violence
     b. Pirated software
     c. CD/DVD, Pen drive or any device/media used to store data and or software.
     d. Any books, periodicals, reading items and CD/DVD thatare pornographic or violent in nature
     e. Games software
     f. Any other material such as HDD, Motherboard etc.

18. Abandoned Property:

Any personal property, if found which is left in the institute premise will be held for 30 days, if the property is not claimed with in 30 days of possession than it can be destroyed discarded, used or donated as per the internal policies of the institute.

19. Smoking, Consumption of Alcohol, Chewing Paan etc:

The institute is strictly smoke free, alcohol free premise. No student is allowed to smoke or drink or even attend the class while under the influence of alcohol if found, he would be immediately expelled from the institute. Chewing of pan, tobacco, pan masala, chewing gum is also prohibited in the center premises.

20. Complaints/Suggestions:

Following process can be followed in case of any complaint procedures apply:
     a. The student should submit his/her complaint in writing within 7 days of the occurrence of the issue under concern to the Center Manager. Students can raise the ticket to Head Office at support.jetking.com or call national toll free number +91 7666830000 from any service provider.
     b. The Center Manager should respond with resolution of the complaint in writing within seven (7) days of receipt of the complaint. The Center Manager may decide to arrange a formal meeting with concern student but the decision of the Center Manager will be final and binding.

However complaints on following grounds will not be accepted:
     i. Request to change of facilitators in the class.
     ii. Request to change of lab instructors.
     iii. Facilitators have rights to warn students in case of discipline.
     iv. Change of institute’s rules and regulations.
     v. Transfer or change of batches.

21. Student Code of Conduct:

a. Offence related to Property
     i. An offence related to property is committed when a student: Knowingly damages the property owned by the institute by defacing the walls, tables, chairs, desks or other such articles.
     ii. Commits a cyber related crime like hacking websites, sending or receiving e-mails.
     iii. Sending viruses or using media that may have virus etc.
     iv. Stealing computer and/or related parts, electronic gadgets, software etc.

If the student does not adhere to the student code of conduct he is punishable as per the institute’s internal policies.

b. Offence related to the Operations of the Institute.

An offence related to operations occurs when a student:
     i. Engages in obscene or indecent or unruly behaviour in institute’s premise or at any event conducted by the institute outside the premise.
     ii. Forges any document, course books and question papers. iii.Intentionally acts to impair/interfere with or obstruct the orderly conduct, processes and functions of the institute. iv. Students learning Ethical Hacking course has to sign an undertaking in a prescribe format.

22. Alumni:

A student who successfully completes the course becomes an alumni of the institute. As alumni he can serve as an important link between the institute and the outside world. He would be entitled as an alumni to the following:

     a. As Jetking alumni, he/she would be entitled to get discount of 10% on all upgrades. This discount would be excluding of any current discount on the course
     b. He would be invited to the annual alumni meet
     c. He would be able to sponsor any of his relative or friend and claim loyalty incentive in return which will be defined by the centre from time to time.

Syllabus* is only mapped to Global Certifcations Student shall receive a Jetking certification on completion of course. Global Certification & exam voucher is not included in the course.


Undertaking by the Student

[Please read the Passport, tear at the perforation after signing and hand it over to the counsellor / facilitator within 03 days from course start).

I hereby declare that I have read and understood the content of the Passport and agree to abide by all the rules and procedures as Laid out over here and understand that I am responsible to obey them. I also understand that I am liable to face disciplinary action for voluntary or involuntary disobedient actions of mine inside the premises of Jetking.

Date: ................................................................
Place: ................................................................
Name: ................................................................
Enrolment No: ................................................................
Batch No.: ................................................................
Student’s Signature: ................................................................
Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature: ................................................................
Centre Manager Signature: ................................................................

Please Read &sign the Refund policy written overleaf

Note: Please read the refund policy and SOL (Statute of Limit) mentioned under Academic Policies and Guidelines


The statements and policies set forth in this passport are for the information purposes only and should not be construed as the basis of contract between the student and Jetking Infotrain Ltd. (JIL). While every effort has been made by Jetking Infotrain Ltd. (JIL) to provide accurate and current information, Jetking Infotrain Ltd. (JIL) reserves the right to change, without notice, any provision in this passport without actual notice to individual student.

However, every effort will be made to keep students acquainted of any such changes.

Students enrolled at the Jetking Infotrain Ltd. (JIL) centers agree to comply with its rules and regulations without any preconditions and undertake to make changes in attitude, behaviour etc. wherever necessary.

For questions regarding Jetking Infotrain Ltd. (JIL) passport, please Contact your Jetking Center

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