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Calmness and composure in every situation.
Our Vision
“Sa Vidya Ua Vimuktaye” - Knowledge Is One That Liberates
Our Mission

To provide our learners with the latest knowledge, skills and tools through technology-driven learning, thereby facilitating their transformation to smart (industry 4.0), goal-oriented and successful professionals, consistently growing on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs.

  • Roti/Kapda/Makan
  • Safety
  • Belongingness
  • Esteem
  • Self-Actualization

Jetking will partner with our learners as a friend, philosopher and guide through their career journey.

Our Values
Quality, Trust,Integrity,Design Thinking, Hands-On Learning and Equanimity

Team Mottos

• Sales & Marketing - Train and deploy personnel to secure maximum enrolments and revenue for Jetking, with a focus on the success of our students and the growth of our business partners.

• Information Technology - Provide reliable and efficient technology solutions to ensure smooth day to day operations, which would lead to getting our learners job ready.

• Placement - Focus on extending placement assistance to all our learners completing our career courses, providing a strong stepping stone for their future through robust recruiter partnerships and trained personnel.

• Examination - Conducting reliable certification examinations in a timely, efficient and organized manner.

• Finance - Ensuring the management of the organization’s finance and accounts in an effective way, with accountability to the management and key stakeholders, as well as focus on providing constant training to each team member.

• Human Resources - Leading employee engagement in an excellent manner, ensuring high quality recruitment, developing a training culture across the organization and focusing on creating a motivated workforce.

• Administration - Providing reliable administrative services, to ensure high employee productivity.

• Content Development - Creating path-breaking content which would be a launchpad for our learners to skill and thrive in the present and future competitive age.

• Quality – Train and deploy personnel to Audit processes being followed by our Learning Centres and ensuring that there is absolute compliance with our set norms.


Life at Jetking

8 ways we teach you better with our 21st Century Learning Methodology

The leaders who drive
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A legacy that we take pride in
Over the course of decades, we have achieved some glorious feats. Check out
the timeline of how our journey unfolded
Our Achievements
Over the course of decades, we have achieved some glorious feats. Check out
the timeline of how our journey unfolded
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