Smart Lab Plus

Smartlab Plus is our own unique training methodology that allows students to take an innovative approach to their studies. English speaking, personality development and Yoga allows a holistic learning for our students. Smartlab Plus is a distinctive training methodology by which we make learning fun, faster and easier.


Performing simple yogasnas such as maun, trataka, sthitprathnasna make you feel fresh, calm and relaxed before starting daily session.


Our trainers work on your communication, pronunciation and English speaking so that you can speak English confidently.


Developing a sense of social and job etiquette helps you become presentable and confident to perform well in the industry.


Visiting different companies helps you to understand the real life exposure of the training that we provide. This helps our students to be in sync wih the dynamic IT world.


Computer based techniques (digitization) ensures better understanding of theoretical as well as practical sessions.


At Jetking our focus remains on hands-on training and practicals as we believe that until you practice on your own you would not be able to understand completely.


Asking questions through quizzes and other intellectual activities helps to monitor the level of understanding.


To keep your interest level intact we conduct various activities during session. These activities include mind-map, triad review, shuffle, etc. You just need to follow the instructions given and you will enjoy learning.


Enhanced learning through vdeos and simulations.