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Gaming & Metaverse Design course

Come and join us in the vast and thriving industry of Gaming and Metaverse that includes Graphics & Web design, Motion graphics, Animation, VFX, UX design, augmented reality, virtual reality digital marketing & much more. JetKing is proud to be India's premium education institute that builds and moulds the designing talent out there. Come and discover the best in the industry with Jetking.

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Gaming & Metaverse

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Get your creative skills right, learn to create characters, creatures, nfts environment and build next-generation, interactive metaverse & gaming environments for VR devices, laptops, consoles, mobiles, and tablets with our exclusive Gaming & Metaverse Designing course. There is nothing more exciting than creating your own world in Metaverse or games.

JK-MGMD - Masters in Gaming & Metaverse Design

On successfully completing the course in Gaming & Metaverse Designing, you can get to work as a:

  • 3D VR Background Artist
  • ​Metaverse Unity Developer
  • ​Game Asset Creator
  • ​Animator
  • ​Texturing Artist
  • ​Rigging Artist
  • ​3D Visualiser

Motion Graphics & Animation

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The world of Motion Graphics & Animation is exciting and rewarding. Grab the most in-demand jobs in the Advertising & Animation industry on completing our Motion Graphics & Animation courses. Join the program and give life to your creation:

JKMGA - Masters in Motion Graphics & Animation

On successfully completing a course in Motion Graphics & Animation, you can get to work as a:

  • ​Motion Graphics Artist
  • ​Modeling artist Character animator
  • ​FX artist Compositor or Video editor


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Enter the aggressively growing VFX industry & learn to create high quality visual effects for films, television shows, advertisements, and games from our industry-oriented VFX course.

JK-MVFX - Masters in VFX

On successfully completing a course in VFX, you can get to work as a:

  • ​FX artist
  • ​Lighting artist
  • ​Compositor Match move artist
  • ​Pre-viz artist
  • ​Roto artist

UX design

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Kick start your career in the in-demand field of user experience UX design. Learn to create and organize products that people interact with daily, like mobile apps, websites, smart watches, and even physical products. Gain experience with the design process, including how to build wireframes, prototypes and much more.

JK-MUX - Masters in UX Design

On successfully completing a course in UX Design, you can get to work as a:

  • ​Graphic designer
  • ​Packaging designer
  • ​User Experience (UX) designer

Digital Marketing

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Boost your career and stand out from the competition and with this course transforms you into a digital market specialist. Digital Marketing is an important part of putting your business on the world wide web, and making websites visible and accessible to your target audience.

JK-DM- Digital Marketing

On successfully completing the course in Digital Marketing, you can get to work as a:

  • ​Graphic designer
  • ​Packaging designer
  • ​User Experience (UX) designer

Why you should try this course

Job Security

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Get your dream job in global tech companies & 1000 companies.

About Metaverse industry

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Metaverse industry is booming Learn how YOU can be a part of it. $1.6 trillion market by 2030.

One on one coaching

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Trouble understanding a concept? No problem – our tutors would be happy to conduct an exclusive session for you.

Why Jetking

In the latest revolution the overall target of India is to make people skilled. Jetking was founded in 1947 taking this into consideration.
Jetking is India’s No.1 digital skills institute which help individuals to develop their skills & potential in the most engaging learning environment along with making their career. Jetking has trained over 10,00,000 students across India & abroad and has a legacy of providing job placements to students. And the show still goes on.

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Our actions & efforts speak louder than our words

Hear straight from our high-achievers!

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"I got the right platform to start my career"

Before joining Jetking, I was not sure what to do with my career. But after completing the course, I got the right platform to start my career. It's been nearly 5 years and I have never looked back. I am very satisfied with my decision to join Jetking which has proved that there is no disadvantage of being a girl in technical domain.

Preeti Madan


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" You made a major difference in my life"

“Without Jetking, I don’t know where I would be. You made a major difference in my life. All those times that you have gone the extra mile for me, I really did notice. Your belief in me makes me believe in myself.”

Nikhil Pathare

Tata Consultancy Services

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"Had the best experiences here."

I am very happy with Jetking for the placement assistance, even after my first job. I am grateful for all the guidance and technical knowledge provided. At Jetking we are not only trained in the technical domain as well as I have also improved my communication skills and confidence in appearing for interviews.



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