International Business Partners

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Dignified and Honourable Business Opportunity

We are seeking Franchisee Business partners in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South-East Asia and Africa. We provide start-up, manpower and sales support to ensure your operations are 100% hassle-free. For more details please fill the form alongside or write to us at /

Why Sign Up:

  • Ease of Operations: Quick 60-day launch plan for hassle-free operations build-up and start-up support
  • Support: Expertise in providing Sales, Train-The-Trainer and Operational support throughout
  • Industry/Institutional Connect: Assist the centre in establishing both Institutional and Industry connect for business and placements support
  • World-class Training:  Enable centre staff with sales and operational training and trainers with Curriculum delivery and “Train The Trainer” training initiative. Provide students with world-class training
  • Courses: Portfolio includes career-oriented IMS, Networking and Security, Software, Web, Mobile and E-comm Application Development, Full stack IoT, Digital Marketing, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Data Science, Analytics and AI and Foreign University Graduation/Masters level-courses in both Computing and Management
  • Steady Income: Profitable business model
  • Rewarding Investment: Upto 40% ROI

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