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Jetking Ethical Hacking Professional

Duration: 50 hours


Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is one of the smartest picks for IT security professionals pursuing a career in penetration testing. However, it’s often overlooked as a viable certification option by most information security pros.

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Why choose this course

CEH course gives “white hat” IT professionals a glimpse into the mindset of a typical hacker. The focus of an IT professional is always on keeping and maintaining secure systems. By learning the hacker's mindset, you’ll be able to take a more proactive approach and see beyond current security tools and policies to know where and how an attacker might try to gain access to a company's network.

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What will I learn?

  • 1.Introduction to Ethical Hacking.
  • 2.Footprinting and Reconnaissance.
  • 3.Network Scanning techniques and countermeasures.
  • 4.Enumeration techniques and countermeasures.
  • 5.System Hacking.
  • 6.Malware Threats and countermeasures.
  • 7.Packet sniffing techniques and defense against sniffing.
  • 8.Social Engineering techniques and countermeasures.
  • 9.Denial of Services and countermeasures.
  • 10.Session hijacking techniques and contermeasures.
  • 11.Hacking Web servers and countermeasures.
  • 12.Hacking Web applications and and countermeasures.
  • 13.SQL injection attacks and injection detection tools.
  • 14.Wireless Hacking and Wi-Fi Security tools.
  • 15.Hacking Mobile platforms, mobile security guidelines and tools.
  • 16.Evading IDS, firewall and honeypots, evasion tools and countermeasures.
  • 17.Cloud computing threats, attacks, security techniques and tools.
  • 18.Cryptography.
  • 19.Types of penetration testing and vulnerability assessment.

How will this course be taught?

This course will taught using our patented SmartLabPlus methodology

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How will I be assessed?

Jetking uses modern assessment system to assess. This includes- Technical (online)

Teaching Contact Hours

This course comprises of a total of 50 hours, the details of which will be communicated to you at the time of joining.

Entry Requirements

  • Graduates with computer background and understanding of  OS(Windows/ Linux ) and Networks.
  • IT professional concerned about integrity of a systems and network infrastructure.

How To Apply

You can fill in the form to the right or simply walk-in to the nearest authorised Jetking learning center to know more about our course. Visit the center locator to locate the nearest center.

Alternatively, you can call us on our TOLL FREE number 1800 209 4010 for any queries.

How will this course enhance my career prospects?

You can kick start your career as,

  • Start your career as an ethical hacker/ IT Security Engineer.

Ethical Hacking Certification


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