1.What is the profile of a Jetking Franchisee?

  • Professionals with 2-3 years of experience in the IT industry.
  • Engineers or MBA with a passion to work in education business.

2.What are the responsibilities of a Franchisee?

As a Jetking franchisee you will be responsible for the following:

  • Investment to set up the training centre as per the specifications of Jetking.
  • Manage and operate the centre on a daily basis.
  • Follow standard operations procedure and conduct training as per Jetking Guidelines.
  • Create good student word of mouth by offering good quality training and good placements
  • Generate business through multiple marketing activities in local area.

3.Will I be trained to run a Jetking Franchisee?

Yes, we will provide training on A-Z of education business. We provide all support for marketing, branding, technology, training, recruitment and other support required for day to day operations.

4.What kind of technical training I will receive as a Franchisee?

Training for your faculty members will be given in order to enable them to conduct the batches. Also training programs for up skilling the technical team are conducted from time to time.

5.Can I own more than one Franchisee?

Yes, depending upon your performance you can open another Jetking franchise in any location.

6.Who enforces quality at Jetking?

Jetking is ISO 9001:2008 certified company, so it works according to quality management system. Along with that Jetking has a comprehensive Quality management Program that provides continual improvement in centre operations and delivering customer satisfaction.

7.What is the ROI from a Franchisee’s perspective?

An approximate of 30% ROI.

8.How do I start a Jetking Franchise?

The following are the steps for starting a Jetking franchisee in your city,

  • Fill an application form along with all required documents
  • First meeting at Head Office
  • Visit one centre to understand the business
  • Sign an MOU

9.Who will build my centre? Can i use my existing centre?

We will help you build your centre, you can use your existing setup provided it is as per Jetking's Sepcifications.

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