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Top Hardware and Networking Computer Courses in Delhi / NCR

Jetking has been at the forefront of technological innovation in terms of education since 1947. To help students and prospective engineers capitalize on this technological boom, Jetking’s career courses JCHNE+ Cloud, MNA+ Cloud and SmartGrad+ Cloud have been specifically tailored down to suit current industry requirements. Both these courses have not only been producing first class computer hardware and networking talent, but also making well rounded personalities that are ready to tackle the corporate mandate.

Computer courses have long been thought of the type of education which is only suitable for technical students. Jetking’s computer courses however have been made by keeping in mind the comprehensive nature required for it to be understood by a student from non technical background. By doing this, it clarifies the basics as well as provide well rounded training to the students.

Why Computer Hardware and Networking Training

The recent boom in Computer courses have made specialized requirement for personnel who have expertise in handling sophisticated hardware in top MNCs as well as dedicated technology companies. Delhi has emerged as the dark horse in tech startups as well as many outsourcing projects being established in its region. This calls for a high requirement of trained personnel and Jetking is determined to become the premier provider of such talent.

Jetking’s New Smartgrad Courses

Jetking’s new smartgrad course has been specifically tailored to suit the needs of a graduating student. In this era, a normal graduate is not given preference due to a lack of skill in the technical department as well as generic credentials shared by its peers. Jetking’s Smartgrad course however changes this by providing the necessary technical skills as well as makes the candidate well rounded to tackle the latest corporate needs. Jetking is the only institute in India to offer such a course which combines regular graduate education with top quality technical know how.

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