How Yoga Can Help You at Work

How Yoga Can Help You at Work

We are living in a competitive age. Hence, stress at work is invariable. One must find ways to counter the pressure to become more productive at work. One of the best ways of banishing stress at work is Yoga.

Yoga is not a therapy – It is a way of life

Many people confuse Yoga to be some therapy. No, it is not. You need not wait to become sick or stressed to start Yoga. Practising Yoga on a regular basis can keep illnesses and stress at bay. Yoga has time and again proved its utility in this sphere of life. It also explains why the reputed corporates are scheduling Yoga sessions for their employees as part of their daily routines. The benefits of Yoga are tremendous. We shall look at how Yoga can help you at work.

Recent surveys conducted on the benefits of Yoga reveal that regular Yoga at work increases employee’s loyalty and improves work performance, and boosts productivity while reducing attrition rate.

1. Stress Buster

Corporate workers are a stressed lot as most of them sleep for less than six hours a day. There are various reasons, but stress is the principal one. The mental and emotional stress can take its toll on the employee and affect their health and productivity. While reducing the employee efficiency, stress can aggravate their ailments. Yoga can help them remain fit. One of the prime exercises in Yoga is Pranayama, the breathing exercises. It can help you relax the body by gently loosening the tension. You can also try out asanas like Utkatasana, Ardha Chandrasana, and Salabhasana.

2. Improves Your Concentration Power

A corporate lifestyle requires you to attend various meetings throughout the day while struggling to meet your targets at the same time. You tend to lose concentration at times leading to a drop in the productivity levels. The best way to stay on course is to meditate deeply and perform deep-breathing exercises. You end up regulating the flow of oxygen to all parts of your body. It makes you stay alert and concentrate on the tasks on hand thereby leading to better decisions. Some of the best asanas to try out are Sarvangasana, Ustrasana, and Virabhadrasana I.

3. Combat Physical Ailments

Usually, you lead a sedentary lifestyle in a corporate office. Staring at the computer screen continuously and tapping away on the keyboard can cause headaches and neck pains. You tend to develop backaches and stiffness in your shoulders. You have to be careful about the carpal tunnel syndrome. It can lead to lower productivity. Try out asanas like the Trikonasana, Purvottanasana, and Vajrasana. Regular practice of these asanas can help keep various ailments like arthritis, neck pains, and so on at bay.

4. Reduces Fatigue and Thereby Increases Energy Levels

A corporate sector employee will recount that they do not have much time to rest. The pressures of work are so intense that many of them continue doing their work at home as well on their laptops and other electronic devices. It can lead to extreme fatigue and hurt the overall productivity. You should take regular breaks every half an hour or so to refresh your mind and body. Use one such break for performing some Yoga exercises such as Vinyasa Yoga and Eka Pada Rajakapotanasana. These are stand-up exercises that can help improve the blood circulation thereby decreasing the fatigue levels. You end up gaining the much-needed energy to continue with your routine.

5. Boosts Your Immunity System

You can argue that you have medicines to cure you of your health issues. Undoubtedly, you are right, but the modern-day medications treat the symptoms more than the cause of the disease. Yoga is better in the sense that it attacks the root of the issue and ensures that it uproots the illness from its foundations. Your immunity system gets a tremendous boost thereby making the body capable of fighting the ailments on their own. Asanas like the Shishusana, Setu Bandhasana, Halasana, and Bhujangasana can be extremely helpful in improving the overall immunity of the human body. You have lesser days of sickness thereby ensuring that you start enjoying your work more than ever. It increases your productivity level significantly.

6. Increase Positivity

When you perform Yoga with full sincerity, you start feeling healthier and fitter. It automatically makes you feel mentally and emotionally fit as well. It increases your positivity levels and makes you a confident person. A confident person works in a better mood and becomes capable of taking effective business decisions. Hence, people start loving to work with you thereby increasing your efficiency levels a great deal. The Virabhadrasana II and III along with the Utkatasana are some of the best exercises to improve your positive attitude.

We have seen six ways how Yoga can make your work more productive than ever. Remember to learn these asanas from an expert teacher before trying them out anywhere.


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