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Which cloud certification is better for freshers, AWS, Azure, or GCP?

Saturday, July 06, 2024


As this is one of the major questions IT students ask What should we prefer, Aws or Azur or Google Cloud? As all of them are big players in the markets it gets difficult for students to figure out which one to go for. Let's discuss and make it easy for you to find what you require as there is no right or wrong to this question, it depends on what your future goals are, your work preference, etc.

In this blog, we will discuss all the important points about these three top cloud service provider tools considering their market demand, Job opportunities, and some unique features.

Market Demand

AWS (Amazon Web service)

AWS has been leading the market for many years and holds a significant market share. According to Synergy Research Group, AWS carries on leading the market with the share hovering around 32-33% as per the recent updates. This causes a higher demand for AWS professionals in various industries.

Azure (Microsoft Azure)

Azure is one of the strong contenders and the second-largest cloud service provider in the market with a share hovering at 20%. As Azure is integrated with Microsoft's suite of products such as Office 365 it is more appealing to companies who already have their setup in Microsoft technologies. This has already increased the Demand for Azure professionals as Microsoft is a big computer service vendor and many enterprises consider them.

GCP (Google Cloud Provider)

GCP is smaller than AWS and Azure, it holds 9% of the market share but GCP is constantly evolving and comes under the top list of cloud service providers. Google is highly reputed because of its consistency in emerging with the tech and setting new trends for the world. Thus, GCP certifications are very valuable.

Job Opportunities


AWS opens a lot of doors with job opportunities. Job portals kike LinkedIn, indeed, shows up in a lot of job search which asks for AWS-certified professionals. Roles range from Cloud architect, solution architect, and DevOps engineer to data engineer and system administrator. As AWS is extensively used in various sectors it holds a lot of job opportunities.


Azure also holds a lot of demand for job opportunities, especially in the organization that has a base of Microsoft software systems Azure certified professionals are highly considered. Roles as cloud engineers, system administrators, and data scientists which frequently appear in the job listing.


GCP does have comparatively fewer job opportunities. They are no less significant as GCP-certified professionals also get listed for well-established enterprises. GCP certification leads to roles in organizations prioritizing innovation, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. For posts such as cloud engineer, machine learning engineer, data engineer and some popular companies like Spotify, Snapchat, and others prefer GCP which has also diverted a high job demand.

The ecosystem of AWS, Azure, and GCP.


AWS owns an enormous and mature ecosystem of 200 full-featured services. It provides strong tools for computing, storage, databases, machine learning, IoT, and more. AWS ecosystem is well documented and supported by a large community making it easier for the freshers to find resources and help.


Azure’s ecosystem is deeply integrated with Microsoft software products. This is an advantage for enterprises using Microsoft tools. Azure comes with a wide range of services including power AI and machine learning tools and has a strong presence in hybrid cloud solutions which is a very highlight point for organizations who are shifting from on-premises to cloud environments.


GCP excels in machine learning, data analytics, and AI. Google’s expertise is reflected in its services like BigQuery, TensorFlow, and Google Kubernetes engine. GCP has a highly user-friendly and scalable ecosystem, making it the preferred choice for companies looking forward to cutting-edge technologies and constant innovation.

Unique Features of AWS, Azure, and GCP.


Global reach: AWS spreads across the world, it has its Data centers in numerous regions worldwide, which lowers the latency and improves the availability.
Service range: AWS offers a wide range of services, fulfilling every aspect of cloud computing.
Intense Adoption: AWS is considered by large enterprises that provide a generous amount of job opportunities with hands-on experience and career growth.


Hybrid Facilities: Azure Hybrid cloud facility is one of the best. Assuring seamless integration with on-premises infrastructure.
Microsoft ecosystem: It is perfect for the enterprise with the base of Microsoft software and products.
Compliance and security: Azure offers a wide array of compliance certifications and advanced security features, making it suitable for industries with strict compliance standards.


Innovation in AI and ML: GCP delivers top-notch services for AI and ML, which benefits from Google’s persistent expertise in the field.
Data analytics: BigQuery and Dataflow service make GCP the powerhouse of Data Analytics.
Developer Focus: GCP has highly developer-centric tools that offer high flexibility and scalability for application development.

Career path of AWS, Azure, and GCP

1. AWS Offers foundational courses like:
- AWS-certified cloud practitioners

Course from associate to professional levels:
- AWS-certified solution architect
- AWS certified developer
- AWS Certified Sysops Administrator, etc.

AWS also provides specialty certifications for advanced topics like machine learning, security, and big data.

2. Azure certifications are role-based, aligning with a specific career path. For newbies Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) is a good start. From there you can upgrade to role-based certifications:
- Azure Administrator Associate
- Azure Developer Associate
- Azure solutions Architect Expert

3. GCP certification caters to different levels of expertise. GCP’s Associate Cloud Engineer is a great entry point for freshers. Advanced certification after you have some experience are:
- Professional Cloud Architect
- Professional Data Engineer
- Professional Machine learning Engineer

Now let's understand what learning resources and community support these cloud provider certifications offer!

AWS delivers comprehensive documentation, white papers, training courses, as well as well-established community forums. AWS also offers hands-on labs and free tiers to get started with practical experience.

Azure offers learning resources which include interactive tutorials, documentation, and community support. Azure also has a strong free tier and controlled environment to practice skills hands-on.

GCP includes learning resources like Google Cloud training, Coursera courses, and comprehensive documentation. GCP also provides free tier and sandbox environments to practice skill sets.


Now choosing the right cloud certification depends on your career goals, interests, and the specific demands in your desired industry. Here’s a quick summary for you:

AWS is ideal for those who are looking for a broad range of job opportunities across various industries because of its global reach which makes AWS a versatile choice. Azure can be perfect for freshers aiming to work in an organization with a Microsoft base system. Its strong hybrid cloud capabilities and enterprise adoption are a highlighting point. GCP is best for the innovative ones interested in data analytics, machine learning, and AI Tech-forward industries looking for GCP certification.

Ultimately, all three platforms offer valuable certifications which are a great demand in the market now you must take a step into knowing about your requirements, preferences, and career goals and make a wise decision for yourself.

For more such informative insights on tech topics check out our blogs and if you feel AWS is the right option for you then go through Jetking’s AWS solution specialist course, At Jetking you will be surrounded by industry experts, real-life projects, and hands-on experience which will make you industry ready plus Jetking also provides 100% job guarantee. So are you ready to launch your career in cloud computing, Join Jetking!

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