Top 10 IT skills required in 2019

Top 10 IT skills required in 2019

The IT industry is growing at a scorching pace and the demand for professionals in the latest skills required is constantly increasing. However, skill gaps in this industry are posing a big challenge for recruiters and it is becoming a struggle to fill in these job roles. What’s more, these positions attract good salaries if the candidate possesses the requisite skills and has been trained in them from a reputed institute that has successfully placed its students. If you are considering a career in IT, it is important to know about theses skills and then decide your specialisation.


Customers of leading companies across diverse business segments have indicated that, should there be a threat of or a direct data breach, they would immediately shift to another service provider or switch platforms.  Which is why protecting their customer and company data from an unauthorised penetration by hackers with malicious intent is extremely important for organisations. This is what is prompting companies to increase their hiring of trained and certified cybersecurity professionals. With incidents of information security breaches increasing with every passing day, the increasing demand for cybersecurity professionals in private and government organisations presents a lucrative career opportunity.


Due to their adaptability and flexibility, there is a growing market for software-defined networks (SDN). This makes choosing a career in networking a wise decision. CCNP Routing and Switching  is among the most demanded and highest paying certifications. With the SD-WAN (Wide Area Network) market expected to register phenomenal growth, acquiring networking skills and certification from a recognised institute with an impeccable placement record should be your priority.

Cloud Computing

By leveraging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IOT), cloud computing has redefined the way businesses work and employees interact, with all the data now stored on cloud servers instead of on-premise servers. With cloud job vacancies increasing at a frantic pace, those with a professional certification and updated training stand a good chance of bagging lucrative jobs in top organisations.

Systems and Enterprise Architecture

Given the rapid rise of emerging technologies, organisations are under increased pressure to seamlessly align their departments for ensuring that legacy procedures and programs are in perfect correlation with modern practices. Studying for a course in systems and enterprise architecture will enable you to be in the top consideration set of companies who are hiring enterprise architects, which is a high paying functional area of IT services.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The rapid migration on businesses to cloud has increased the need for automation, which has led to every cloud service provider to increase their services portfolio with machine learning and AI-enabled automation. With more and more companies adopting AI and ML for their regular functions, the demand for skilled professionals in these fields has lead to significant job creation.

Analytics and Data Management

Companies are making critical business decisions for improving profitability by deploying a deep understanding and seamless integration of analytics and data management. IT professionals who are empowered with the skills of critical analysis and management of data are in big demand by helping them in solving business problems with informed evaluations.



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