Three Reasons to Consider Career in Network Administration

Three Reasons to Consider Career in Network Administration

Although networking isn’t for everyone, those interested in seeing themselves grow as a network engineer surely have chosen one of the most rewarding and profitable careers. Let’s face it, being a networking engineer is challenging but keeping that aside let’s take a look at brighter side of being one.

Acquiring a certification into networking is now made easy with institutes introducing short-term computer courses into networking, network security and many more.

Apart from being a rewarding career what else does it have in store for you? Let’s quickly take a look at 3 reasons why you should consider a career in network administration.

  1. You’ll be in demand and there’s no end to this

The IT industry is constantly looking for a qualified batch of network administrators and if you have the qualification and experience, you’re surely in demand. Considering how important it is to have them as part of your team, their hiring rate is always on an upward curve, despite of global recession. A recent study by the U.S. Department of Labor estimated that approximately 96,600 network administrator posts will open up between 2018 – 2025.

  1. Not Industry Specific

Networks are integral to the functioning of almost any large industry from manufacturing to service and even non-profit organizations. So if you’ve proven yourself as a qualified administrator, you can easily market yourself as a useful asset to any form of business, literally anything that sparks your curiosity. In fact, developing countries too are expressing a strong interest in building their technological infrastructure, thus opening up your door to success and a stable career.

  1. Challenges your skills

Although it is not mandatory to get yourself trained in computer science for an entry-level job into network administration, each day brings you new challenges and opportunities that demands for an out of the box thinking. The more the challenges you face, the better you will get at solving it over time.

Unlike digital marketing, network administration is a not so glamorous job but despite of this, many yearn to be one, solely because it offers you a promising career. So look at the brighter side of things rather than dwelling onto something completely irrelevant.


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