How to Pursue a Career in Ethical Hacking

How to Pursue a Career in Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking, or White Hat Hacking, refers to the permission based authorized penetration of computers or network systems for identifying and sealing potential vulnerabilities through which a Hacker with malicious intent can gain unauthorised entry. Companies hire ethical hackers for protecting their data and customer information from cyber-attacks. As the value of such data runs into millions, ethical hackers who have obtained training from a reputed and recognised institute command a good salary. To become an ethical hacker, you have to do a Certified Ethical Hacking course after completing your computer science or IT security education. According to a NASSCOM report, India will need at least five time the number of ethical hackers it has today. People of average educational backgrounds have risen to the position of chief security officer from a security tester, all within a span of jest a few years. While choosing to become an ethical hacker, you should ask yourself a few things.

Is it financially lucrative to pursue a career in ethical hacking?

A certification from an institute with years of solid reputation, latest training modules taught by experienced faculty and continuously acquired knowledge will play a definitive role in your ethical hacking career. Only when you acquire the necessary skills from a leading institute, and have an aptitude for protecting vital data, can a career in ethical hacking pay you well. Salaries of information security professionals are higher than those in other IT areas.

Do I need to be good at something for becoming an ethical hacker?

If you wish to make a career as an ethical hacker, you should possess sound knowledge of programming languages such as PHP, C++, .NET and Python and should be familiar with networking algorithms. A career in information security is only possible if you have GIAC Penetration certification, Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification and Certified Ethical Hacking certification.

What knowledge will a certification in ethical hacking give me?

When you do a certification in ethical hacking, you learn not only concepts of network security but also how computers and networks are hacked, i.e. you learn like a hacker. However, you are required to use this knowledge and expertise for penetrating systems only with the express permission and authorisation of their of their owners. After hacking the system and discovering the vulnerabilities, how fast you seal them and prevent unauthorised penetration, is what will make you a complete ethical hacker, and this is what companies will hire you for.

What other skills, besides hacking, will a course empower me with?

Along with teaching you ethical hacking, a certified ethical hacking course will also give you skills in programming, writing scripts and overall web development. Thus, a certification will make you an overall network security professional.

For becoming a successful ethical hacker, you must possess attributes like technology geek, self-motivated analytical thinker, a person of impeccable integrity, gadget-friendly, problem solver and, most important of all, formally trained under the right faculty at a trustworthy institute.


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