Know All About Computer Threats and Ethical Hackers

Know All About Computer Threats and Ethical Hackers

In today’s digitally interconnected world of computers and laptops, we are also exposed to multiple computer threats and cyber-attacks. A cyber-attack is an unauthorised attempt by hackers to penetrate a computer system or network, with the help of malicious codes for modifying computer data and effect cyber crimes such as information and identity theft and denial of services. There are many types of computer threats to which systems and networks are exposed.

Drive-by attack

By planting a malicious script in an insecure website, a hacker can install malware into the computer of any user who visits this website. All that a victim needs to do is visit the hacked website. Which is why it is important to update the anti-virus application on the computer.


A ransomware attack results in the blocking of access to the data of the system or computer owner, who is threatened with data deletion if a ransom is not paid to the hacker. It is often executed by delivering a Trojan payload in the guise of a legitimate file.

SQL Injection

For accessing information in a system that is not intended for display, hackers use malicious code for manipulating back-end information, and this type of attack is called SQL Injection. The objective of this cyber-attack is to obtain data like customer detail and financial information.

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS)

DDoS attacks are carried out by hackers with the intention of crippling a network or computer system with the objective of making it inaccessible to the different users by locking it. Although the vital information is not compromised, it is as good as useless because the users cannot access it unless they pay up a ransom to the hacker.

Spear Phishing

If you’ve received an email from someone in your organisation requesting for some action to be performed, most likely transfer of funds, and that individual has not sent you that email – chances are you’ve received a spear phishing email. These attacks are typically done for obtaining trade secrets or unauthorized money transfer.

Whale Phishing

A spam email attack that targets only the top level management, such as CFO or CEO is called whale phishing, and it is done to manipulate the receiver into sending high-value money transfers to the attacker. The term whaling signifies the largeness of the attack and the profile of the victim.

To prevent such attacks from succeeding, companies hire the services of Ethical Hackers, who penetrate the company’s network and systems for identifying and sealing potential vulnerabilities which can be a launching ground for such attacks by hackers. Companies worldwide spend billions of dollars in upgrading their software and human resources for being one step ahead of hackers. Employment opportunities in ethical hacking are increasing with every passing day. If you’re thinking of pursuing ethical hacking as career, this is the right time to turn your intention into action and choose an institute where experienced professionals will teach you the theoretical and practical aspects of ethical hacking.


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