The Ultimate Journey of Kunal Kumar Sinha- From Jetking to Microsoft

The Ultimate Journey of Kunal Kumar Sinha- From Jetking to Microsoft

Here is the journey of one of our student, Mr Kunal Kumar in his own words,


My name is Kunal Kumar Sinha born and brought up in Bihar, Patna Oct 15th 1991. In 2009 I came to Delhi just to work and to support my family because of the financial situation of my family. And during that time frame, while I was looking for jobs i came to know i should have some skills or expertise in order to join any Company/Organisation in a Domain. And finally i came to know about Jetking.

I went to campus and understood how it works. Without any second thought i took up a course at Jetking in December 2010. During the course i got an opportunity to crack an interview. finally on 27th of December 2011 I got the Job in HP (Hewlett Packard) as an Technical Support Engineer (Gurgaon). During the  job within HP i learnt a lot there and got promoted and awarded several times.

After 17 months i changed my Job and got an opportunity to work with an MNC “Saber Techs LLC”(Gurgaon). I joined the company on December 2012 as a FTL-Technical Expert (Floor team leader) Later on after 6 months i got Promoted there as Team leader and I worked there for 26 months. And then I joined HCL as an System Engineer and got an opportunity to work at HCL’s Number 1 Client location BMW. From the Day 2nd of joining i remain at BMW headquarter placed in Gurgaon on a Role of IT infra operation and manage.

I worked for 11 months within HCL and finally i got an opportunity to work with Microsoft – The World’s no. 1 IT tech company. I joined Microsoft on 11th April 2016 in Office 365 Team At R&D division Bangalore.

That’s all about my journey as how i started and how i am in Microsoft, and will always acknowledge Jetking as kick start for my Dream and career.


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