When you hear the word “hacking” you surely think of a dark, scary and hooded individual sitting in a deserted room in a non-descript building, getting ready to penetrate the information technology systems of a business or government for a ransom demand! Well, you will be surprised to know that there’s also a positive side to this word – it’s called Ethical Hacking. And it’s important to learn ethical hacking if business and banking worldwide is to be safe.

Yes, you read that right. Hackers are not all one shape and size, and certainly they all don’t have the same intentions. We will persuade you to think a bit differently about hackers. The reality of today’s cyber world is that more people are getting connected, which means that more devices are online today than ever before. Your computer is connected to your phone, which is connected to your smart home appliances, which are connected to multiple systems through the internet. This complex virtual network is a breeding ground for hackers with negative intentions. Once a hacker penetrates your system and device, they can stay inside for hundreds of days without you even knowing about it!



But then you say “Hey, I got all those anti-virus software installed, so am I not protected?” Well, hackers are always one step ahead of your updates and are continuously inventing newer ways of penetrating systems and devices. This brings us to the important question: “Can there be an ethical side to hacking?” And the answer is “YES”. There are two sets of hackers: Black Hats and White Hats. And, both sets are equipped with abundant energy to achieve much more than what they are currently doing. The challenge here is to convince the “negative hackers” to start thinking positive and becomes the vanguards of cyberspace by deploying their skills towards productive design in the inter-connected world.

Worldwide, large and medium businesses, government and law enforcement agencies and even non-government organisations are hiring the services of ethical hackers for continuously checking the effectiveness of their systems and devices against potential hacking threats. From making a network safe for an organization to orchestrating reverse malware engineering on an inflicted device, ethical hackers, or cyber experts, play a critical role in safeguarding critical personal, professional and financial data. Banks in particular, are one of the biggest hirers of ethical hacking professionals, as any information security breach directly impacts their bottom line. Which is why, it’s important to learn ethical hacking as it offers job opportunities worldwide.

Ethical hackers work aggressively in the domain of preventing websites and digital network from being hacked, by effectively protecting the servers, systems and internal networks. In the case of the website being hacked, these security professionals analyse the reasons for the hacking, examine all potential loopholes and prevent them from being penetrated again. Regular checks are carried out for identifying potential cracks in the network through which hackers can possibly penetrate and hold the organization to ransom. If you’re looking for a career where you are proudly responsible for the safety and security of individuals and corporations, then you must actively explore a career in ethical hacking.


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