Hacking is Taken Very Seriously in the Corporate World

Hacking is Taken Very Seriously in the Corporate World

According to a report, on an average, more than three companies are hacked every day. Businesses worldwide are under assault from hackers like never before and the severity of the problem is escalating with each passing day. With the rising scale of cyber-attacks on organisations leading to losses of billions of dollars in data and information theft, the need to hire cyber-security experts is increasing day by day. The fact that corporations are vulnerable to hackers is slowly dawning on them, leading to installation of upgraded hardware and software for blocking malicious attacks. Companies are hiring professionally trained ethical hackers for identifying and sealing potential vulnerabilities in the network and computer system. In one incident, cyber-attackers made an unprecedented 100,000 hacking attempts in penetrate the company’s servers.

The corporate world is taking hacking very seriously and realises that a plan should be put into place at the earliest for detecting and neutralizing malicious hacking attempts for gaining unauthorised entry in the computer and network systems. With online services becoming popular with both businesses and consumers for the immense convenience they offer, the risk of them being exposed to financial fraud through hacking has considerably increased. For most of the world’s valuable companies with millions of customers, their information and data networks are their business lifeline. If this lifeline is compromised by hackers, the entire business runs the risk of collapsing in no time. You will be surprised to know that the systems of a secure password management service were hacked, and sensitive customer data was stolen! You can now imagine the level of competency with which the hackers have equipped themselves. This is why corporates have become aware of the real threat of losing data and customer information through hacking.

The fact that companies worldwide are spending billions of dollars to secure their networks and safeguard their digital assets, bears testimony to their level of seriousness in tackling the dangers of hacking. This expenditure includes cost of hardware, software, information security training and remuneration to professionals who are trained to protect their data. The frightening fact is that hackers have now started collaborating with each other to complement their skills and launch bigger hacking attacks. In fact, some hackers also sell ransomware to small-time hackers for freezing a company’s files until it pays up the ransom.

Not all hacking involves a high level of sophistication. Unsuspecting employees who click on promiscuous banners on website or text links in their mailbox, are potential targets for hackers to penetrate the system through the employee’s computer or laptop. Which is why companies conduct regular training sessions for making employees vigilant against such attempts by cyber criminals for gaining unauthorised entry into their network systems. Employees are given random online tests to ensures that they are aware of their responsibilities towards protecting their data from hackers. This has become top priority for organisations of all sizes.


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