Demand For Cyber Security Expert

Demand For Cyber Security Expert

According to a NASSCOM report, India would require 1 million cyber security experts by 2020. Leading consultancy companies such as KPMG have increased the size of their cyber security teams by more than double in recent years. With the digitally expanding global economy is increasingly moving towards internet-based computing, organisations have become even more vulnerable to cyber attacks and hacking incidents. As you know, even with the presence of the local police force, companies hire private security for ensuring that there is no unauthorised access in their premises. Similarly, organisations hire cyber security experts for protection of their proprietary sensitive data and financial information of their customers. While other IT related jobs such as software developer or network administrator are popular, there is an increasingly growing demand for cyber security experts.

NASSCOM shares that India is facing a shortage of skilled cyber security professionals, despite the fact that it has one of the largest IT talent strength in the world. Due to this, companies are willing to pay premium salaries to well-trained and experienced cyber security professionals. While Digital India has played a key role in pushing organisations towards a digital ecosystem, it has also rendered them vulnerable to hacking and cyber attacks. This has led to a surge in demand for cyber security professionals who can help companies meet their digital transformation objectives while maintaining full security of their data and information.

The job profile of cyber security experts fits broadly into these 5 roles:

Security Architect

A security architect is responsible for designing the system security and network architecture of the organisation, without which the security system becomes vulnerable to cyber attacks. Along with the architecture, the security architect also develops the procedures and policies on employee usage of the security systems.

Network Security Engineer

For ensuring that the threat of security breaches is eliminated by proper implementation of the security systems, companies hire network security engineers. Their chief responsibilities include identifying potential vulnerabilities, regular systems maintenance and improvising the automation. Maintenance of different network monitoring tools, firewalls, switches, routers and virtual private networks also comes within their purview.

Cyber Security Manager

These professionals are hired by companies for maintaining security protocols. From creating strategies for increasing internet and network related security to ensuring compliance with highest data security standards, a cyber security manager also ensures that the security policies are regularly updated to meet the challenges of new cyber threats.

Cyber Security Analyst

The responsibility of intelligently planning, efficiently implementing and continuously upgrading information security measures rests with the cyber security analyst. Along with regularly monitoring security access and conducting external security audits for identifying loopholes, the analyst also trains fellow employees on following the laid down information security protection procedures.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

According to a PwC report, close to 80 percent of companies have onboarded a CISO in the management team. This shows the seriousness organisations accord to protecting their data and sensitive information from cyber threats. The CISO is a senior-level executive and works to ensure that the cyber security planning and implementation is fully aligned with the vision and objectives of the business. Identifying, developing, implementing and maintaining process for eliminating security breaches is an important function of the CISO.


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