5 Facts About Cloud Computing Every Business Owner Should Know

5 Facts About Cloud Computing Every Business Owner Should Know

In the last few years, business computing has undergone a drastic change, with the advent of cloud computing. The traditional way for companies is to invest in creating their own IT infrastructure, deploy expensive working capital towards buying expensive servers and equipment and then locally installing on their premises. Next, they invest even more in ensuring that the hardware runs efficiently, and the software is fully compliant. However, there is a way where companies need not make these huge investments and yet maintain their competitive edge – it’s called cloud computing. When companies move their key processes and data to the cloud, gives them the redundancies they need for protecting them against loss of data in the unfortunate event of a system crash.

No Need To Invest In Expensive Hardware

Cloud computing allows companies to buy IT infrastructure as a service keep paying only for what they use. This way, they need not be bothered about changing technology and can fully focus on making their business more profitable. Cloud computing uses the internet to deliver computing like any other utility service that can be accessed by devices that are connected to the internet. As the hardware is located on external servers, the company need not spend money on owning expensive hardware.

Reduces Business Cost

When companies fully implement cloud computing, it eliminated the need for PCs at the business location, as the PCs are transformed into virtual desktops and all the employees work on are a thin client, keyboard, screen and mouse. However, their computing experience remains the same and they will use the system like before, with all their familiar programs like Office, Outlook etc. By not spending money on computer equipment, software, IT resources etc. organisation can divert capital expenditure to operating expenditure.

Data Is Fully Secure

The sign-in process for accessing data on the cloud is fully secure, thus ensuring that it is almost impossible for any unauthorised person to access a company’s data. This ensures peace of mind for every small and medium sized business. Cloud platforms such as Azure, Google and AWS are fully compliant with standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC and ISO.

Employees Can Work From Anywhere

As the company data and files are stored in a central location, employees can easily sync up and collaborate seamlessly with each other. This ensures that if the employee is not able to come office for reason, work is not affected. He or she can log in from anywhere with an internet connection and work from desktop, laptop or mobile.

Good For The Environment& Gives Competitive Edge

Cloud computing contributes in it’s own way in reducing environment degradation, as it eliminates the need for on-site hardware which decreases energy consumption and subsequently reduces carbon footprint. Cloud computing creates significant competitive advantage by empowering small businesses with seamless access to expensive business class technology at a fraction of the cost and allows them to remain competitively in the market.


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