How to choose a Networking institute

How to choose a Networking institute

Networks and computers are the forces that drive a connected world. All existing and upcoming technologies such as big data and cloud computing, are and will be powered by networks. A certification in networking will enable you to begin a lucrative and stable career. With your certification, you can prove to the recruiter that you are professionally trained and have acquired the necessary skills required for the job. A certification will surely give you an edge over other candidates. From support positions to analysis, computer networking has different applications which means many job opportunities. However, before you begin your career journey in the field of computer and hardware networking, it is important that you choose your networking institute carefully, as it will impact your skill development and concept learning in a big way.

You must check and confirm whether the institute offers single-platform training across the range of networking technologies such as Cisco, Riverbed, Juniper, Bluecoat, Checkpoint, Palo Alto etc. The experience of the lecturers and trainers matters a lot, as the more experienced they are, the more they can share with you and empower you with practical case studies. Ideally, choose an institute where the faculty is certified for what they are teaching and has a minimum average experience of at least 10 years, both in teaching working on live projects.

As they say, practical is what makes theory perfect. A networking institute which has a well-equipped lab with the latest hardware and software will empower you with the necessary updated skills required to be in the consideration set of recruiters. As IT technology changes rapidly, it is important that the faculty is regularly updated so that the same can be swiftly implemented in the learning process. The classroom infrastructure of the institute should be absolutely top class and create an environment which fosters quick and comfortable learning.

Along with experienced trainers and lecturers, the institute should also have a spacious library stocked with the latest Indian and international books on all aspects of networking. This will help you to be continuously updated on all that’s happening in the world of networking. It’s an added advantage if the institute provides access to online resources where you can update yourself real-time with the advances in networking technology.

The ultimate objective of doing a certification course in networking is to be suitably employed in a company where you have an opportunity to grow. You must choose a training institute which not only promises a 100% job guarantee but also fulfils it by placing you in an organisation which will optimize your potential and be the perfect launchpad for a promising and satisfying career in networking. There are institutes which provide a 5-year placement service to their students, who can regularly discuss better job opportunities with the institute’s placement counsellors and also and get career guidance tips. This service is provided in addition to the job guarantee and significantly contributes to the student’s career stability.



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