What are the career options after graduation?

What are the career options after graduation?

With competition among jobs increasing with every passing day, being just a graduate is no longer enough. Recruiters prefer hiring candidates who have studied beyond graduation and have a post graduate degree. Compared to the previous decade, the number of students who have some diploma or degree after graduation has doubled. If you want to stay above the crowd of candidates and catch the eye of the recruiter, it is important that you pursue education after graduation. You can choose from a variety of study options after graduation.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management

PGDM is a full time or part time diploma which is offered by autonomous colleges as an additional level of theoretical and practical education after graduation. The syllabus in PGDM courses is regularly updated for reflecting the real world business environment and the colleges regularly invite industry experts to conduct sessions on specific topics for the students.

Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance

The banking and finance industry is growing at a scorching pace and there is a constant demand for well-educated and trained professionals. You can be among the consideration set of recruiters in this promising industry with a PGD in Banking and Finance, for jobs such as Financial Manager, Bank Manager, Banking Officer, Financial Analyst, Financial Controller etc.

Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

One of the oldest and most prestigious programme, this course teaches you in detail about the human resource function, including devising and implementing performance categorization and compensation management. A diploma in this field increases the probability of a lucrative job as HR Officer, HR Manager, Recruitment Coordinator, Training and Development Officer, Learning and Development Officer etc.

Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management

If working in the hospitality sector interests you, then pursuing a post graduate diploma in hotel management should be your goal. You will learn the basics of handling cutlery and other kitchen essentials and will move on to master other elements of hospitality at the management level.

Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

In today’s world, digital marketing is driving the bottom line of businesses across all industry segments by deploying cutting-edge technology and media platforms for enabling the business to engage better with their customers in real time. With continuous job opportunities opening up in this promising field, a post graduate diploma in digital marketing will give you a firm grounding and prepare you for a lucrative career.

Master of Business Administration

MBA is a two year post graduate management programme offered by universities and colleges affiliated to universities. As these colleges are not autonomous or independent, the curriculum syllabus changes once every 3 to 5 years and does not factor in the dynamically changing business environment. As compared to the fees for a PGDM course, the fees for an MBA course are much lower.


Unlike the above 2 courses, this is a 2 years technical course and is suitable for students who have completed their graduation in either B.E. or B. Tech. For increasing their chances of getting a better paying job, it is recommended that eligible students should go in for this course.


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