What are the career Options after 12th?

What are the career Options after 12th?

When you successfully clear your 12th standard, or HSC, exams, it’s surely time to introspect on what you really want to take up as a career in life. If you have developed an interest in your study stream, and your performance in the same is commendable, it is advisable to continue the same for the next 3 years till graduation. Simultaneously, you must also check out the post-graduation professional degree options in the stream, so that your academic record becomes impressive for recruiters.

It may also so happen, that the stream which you have chosen in college does not turn out to your liking or does not have that much professional potential as you thought when you decided to go for it. It is then advisable to switch to the stream which has higher career potential after graduation and post-graduation. However, you need to take one fact into consideration, that the new stream may require you to be well-versed with some subjects which are part of the new stream, and which you may not have studied in your current stream.

Some popular streams that you can opt for after passing out of 12th are Engineering, Biology and Medical Sciences, Commerce, Art and Vocational Careers.

If you have an inclination for career in hardware, software and electronics, then you can opt for studying Computer Science Engineering, which will make you an expert in hardware engineering and software development. If the world of robotics, automation, sensor systems etc. fascinates you, then pursuing a programme in Electronics & Communication Engineering after 12th is an intelligent choice. Newer streams in engineering, such as fabric and textile sciences, marine engineering, nanotechnology etc. are also options worth exploring, as they offer excellent job prospects, both in India and abroad.

There are many popular options post your 12th standard science degree in medicine-related streams, pharmacology being one of them, where you will learn how drugs are used to combat diseases and the intricacies of drug immunity. Biotechnology is another trending career field which teaches you the genetic makeup of humans, animals and plants, their defects and solutions. Of course, the biggest option is to pursue a career in medicine by entering the medical entrance exams for acquiring an MBBS degree. Due to an increasing awareness in nutrition and health, the fields of nutrition counselling, physiotherapy and dietetics also offer good career prospects.

After clearing your 12th in the commerce stream, you can pursue economics till graduation and later specialize in Banking, Industrial and Macro Economics. Opting for an LLB degree program is also a good idea. You can also pursue management courses such as BMS, BBM and BBA which will help you make a career as brand marketing manager.

The Arts stream also offers a plethora of choices when it comes to selecting a domain after successfully clearing HSC. If studying and understanding the ‘human condition’ is your interest, then you can go for a degree in Humanities, which covers a wide array of subjects such as History, Languages, Performing Arts, Anthropology and Sociology among others.


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