Benefits Of Ethical Hacking – Using Hacking For Good

Benefits Of Ethical Hacking – Using Hacking For Good

Recently, thousands of businesses across categories have faced crippling cyber-attacks, which have led to their sensitive information being stolen and network security being compromised. Ethical Hacking is the permission based penetration into the systems of computers and data networks for identifying vulnerabilities and closing them, so that the computers and networks are safe from any unauthorised external cyber-attack. Ethical hacking helps system owners find the security loopholes before the attacker does, in the way that the attacker would find before they were actually committing an attack.

Ethical hacking uses these attacker techniques and the real methodology and processes that an attacker would actually use, rather than using the conventional security processes. By modelling an attack, the ethical hacker finds vulnerabilities than cannot be found using conventional methods. Ethical hacking takes the posture of an attacker and helps document both weak security areas where an attacker can get in, and also strong security areas, which are areas the attacker will find it impossible to penetrate. The key benefit of ethical hacking is finding the weak and vulnerable parts of any security approach or model.

Ethical hackers are in great demand by businesses, particularly those which deal with sensitive financial information of their customers. Ethical hacking makes the security of a business comprehensive and holistic. It is seen that regular security systems are not able to keep up with the advanced techniques used by hackers to penetrate network systems and take over their functioning. The proliferation of connected smart devices has placed the information of organisations under constant threat, leaving it vulnerable for being stolen. Companies which do not engage the services of ethical hackers for testing their network defences are constantly exposed to the risk of not knowing the loopholes in the system and keeping them open. Cyber attacks are constantly evolving, and ethical hacking is the only way that a company can be prepared to thwart such attacks.

A business whose information is secure, and systems are protected,runs confidently with complete peace of mind. Ethical hackers are hired by companies to perform the following functions:

  • Identify potential security loopholes in the network and computers and effectively plug them, thus safeguarding them from the malicious attacks of hackers.
  • Eliminate the occurrence of security breaches by creating and managing fool-proof preventive measures.
  • Safeguard the sensitive financial information entered by customers in the system during transactions.
  • Keep testing the networks regularly for identifying new threats that may have emerged after the last testing.
  • Creating the highest levels of security awareness across the entire hierarchy of employees in the organisation.

For businesses today, engaging the services of a ethical hacker, either full-time or on project basis, is no more a choice but a critical necessity. If you’re considering a career in ethical hacking, you will be pleased to know that the demand for qualified and trained ethical hackers is growing in businesses across industries worldwide.


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