6 Tips To Improve Your Personality

6 Tips To Improve Your Personality

While your family members and close friends accept you as you are and have got used to your behaviour, smells, habits, dress sense and mannerisms, strangers will judge you based on how they perceive you the first time they see your external looks, your personality. Personality is defined as ‘the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.’ In other words, it consists of your physical appearance, dress, behaviour, etc.

If you wish to improve your personality, you need to improve in every way, paying particular attention to your weak points. Every one of us has some characteristics which cannot be improved (like age, height, skin color, physical limitations, etc.) and other weak points which can be improved (like poor personal hygiene including oral hygiene, shabby outfits, untidy hair, poor posture, not speaking clearly, using slang, smoking, ungrammatical or bad language, not paying attention, not maintaining eye contact, weight problems, etc).

While some characteristics which cannot be improved, you can take advantage of them in some way. For instance, a person with white unruly hair may choose to not dye it or cut it short, thus standing out from the crowd, and possibly being compared to Einstein or Lord Meghnadh of the UK. A dark-skinned person may use complementary makeup and outfits and be outstanding in a group.

You may be a genius, but you will not win friends or influence people or get a job if you dress like a beggar or stink like a hobo, or use bad language with all and sundry or have body odor or halitosis (or any combination of these), if your speech is slurred, if you are not polite and respectful, if you are rude and overbearing. But you should never develop an inferiority complex or give up hope. You need to compare yourself only with yourself, and work towards you can improve on yesterday’s looks, behaviour and performance, with incremental positive changes every day.

How can one work on the weak points which can be improved? The suggested steps are:

1. Overcome Your Weaknesses:

Begin with a strong positive mental attitude. Everybody has several weak points; you need to acknowledge this and try to improve those that can be improved to the best of your ability. Assure yourself that you can improve and create mental pictures of how you will appear, your increased popularity, etc. Identify your weak points, your lacunae. I suggest that you take the help of a trusted parent, elder sibling or close friend who gives good advice to better identify your weak points, especially those that you have missed. It is obvious that (a) unless you accept there is something worth improving, and (b) unless you decide to make necessary improvements, you will never improve.

2. Decide

Make a list, then decide which of your weak attributes you will tackle first, possibly tackling more than one weakness simultaneously. Start with those habits/ characteristics which are most evident and irritating to others, e.g. body odour and halitosis, dirty nails, poor grooming, etc.

3. Stop Making Excuses

Create a timetable and stop making excuses. If you feel you have less time, sacrifice unnecessary activities like watching TV, web browsing, visiting social internet sites for long periods, movies, etc. Possibly you could reduce your sleeping time; 6 hours is the bare minimum you need. Now begin acting on your timetable without delay.

4. Self-improvement

Some actions are non-negotiable and need to be done by all of us. 99% of us can improve our postures, need to increase our level of physical activity, spend some time daily on self improvement, which could include reading inspiring books, messages, or using audio books, yoga, some silent time for introspection, making lists to complete jobs in the order of priority, etc.

5. Create An Impression

Remember ‘Mens sana in corpore sano.’ (Latin, means “A sound mind in a sound body” or “a healthy mind in a healthy body.”) So physical fitness, hygiene, and clean neat outfits make you feel more confident and also create a good impression on others. It is believed that in addition to being clean and wearing neat, pressed, appropriate clothes, wearing suitable polished shoes creates a very good impression. Wear appropriate garments, suitable for the occasion and similar to what your peers are wearing.

6. Reward Yourself

Reward yourself for each level completed, e.g. for every 2 kg weight loss, reward yourself with a new shirt or jeans. For each self-help program completed, reward yourself with a crime novel or a pulp romance. For each hour of study completed, reward yourself with exactly five minutes of mobile chatting. Take help where necessary. (If Amitabh Bachchan needed voice lessons to improve his acting skills, why not you? Improve your diction, vocabulary and body language.)


Finally, smile. It improves your face value! And remember, improving your personality and skills is a journey, not a destination, meaning there is always scope for self-improvement, and you should enjoy this journey which will lead you to success.



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