5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Customer experience and transactions aren’t the only ones taking business digital today. Services and storage too for companies themselves have gone online. So, it’s a surprise that small businesses are still sceptical about cloud computing. This mysterious cloud has become a confusing technology for many small businesses, who think it’s too risky or too expensive. However, cloud computing is actually reliable and affordable. The cloud computing industry has grown to billions of dollars worldwide.

Cloud computing does for IT what UPS and Fedex did for the shipping industry. It enables small businesses to get a larger scale at a lower cost. Putting all their data online will enable small businesses to drive better engagement with customers. Small businesses are always trying to compete with medium businesses, and they have to stay more innovative and more efficient.

When a small business goes for cloud computing, it brings many advantages to the table. All software maintenance and updates are carried out by the cloud computing service provider. The flexible nature of cloud computing ensures that resources can be increased or reduced depending on the workload of the business. Also, with IT technology changing every 3 years, it becomes a big expense for the small business if it maintains the entire IT infrastructure on premise.



Low usage fees

The usage fees for cloud computing are based on consumption and the small business only needs to pay for the services it consumes. Also, the usage fees payments can be made annually or even monthly, as per the convenience of the business. This reduces the burden of operating expenditure on the small business and the cash saved can be deployed in other areas.

Flexible working schedule

Cloud computing makes for excellent collaboration among employees, who can easily sync up and work from anywhere. This eliminates the dependability of the employees having to mandatorily come to office to work. With minimal downtime, dependable uptime and no in-house IT crisis management, cloud computing provides stability to small businesses.

Fully scalable

Being fully scalable in nature, it enables small businesses to quickly build, deploy and manage applications and users, and gives them the ability to build and expand within minutes. This scalability is not possible if the entire IT systems are on premise.

Fully secure

Cloud computing is fully secure, as in all the data of the small business is stored in a central location. With a secure sign-in process, this minimises risk of data loss and enables the employees to access data on any device. For a small business, this security is equal to complete peace of mind.

Environmentally friendly

The less hardware requirement onsite makes cloud computing environmentally friendly by decreasing energy consumption and carbon footprint and helps the small business to contribute in their own small way towards environment conservation.It helps create competitive advantage by giving small businesses seamless access to expensive business class technology at a fraction of the cost and allows them to react competitively in the market.


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