Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Duration: 150 Hrs


The world of marketing is showing a clear trend of shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Digital marketing is gaining huge popularity because of its scope to reach millions of customers without engaging massive manpower and investing lump sum amount in the process.

With advent of smart technology and social media, digital marketing has taken a whole new shape which is alluring for small to big organizations to take the advantage before it is saturated. Digital marketing has not only created an opportunity for enterprises but has also created vast JOB OPPORTUNITIES for Candidates.

Why choose this course

Anyone with a basic knowledge on websites, how to operate the computers & Internet can do this course. You can do this course even if you are not a graduate yet.

There is no dearth of opportunities for a Digital marketing expert. You can not only work with any digital marketing company but you can also choose to have your own business. This is a well-designed course which comes with numerous benefits for any  Job seeker, employee handling marketing activities, work from home Moms who can create a career option, Entrepreneurs looking to expand their business online, small business owners who can’t afford colossal manpower or huge investment to make the venture a successful one. The options are galore!

What will I learn?

Understanding of digital marketing and how it can be implemented # Tips on developing user-friendly and effective websites # Get substantial information of Google Analytics and how it works # Knowing the tricks of effective Search Engine Optimization to bring new customers # Better knowledge on Search Engine Marketing and its components # Use of Social Media Marketing as a great tool to ensure more and more new customers for business # Techniques of marketing products or services through Content Marketing # Being aware of the endless benefits of E-mail Marketing

How will this course be taught?

This will be taught on the Online Virtual Instructor led training platform. All you need a computer and internet connection. You will be able to log onto our platform and attend LIVE classes. You can hear our trainer and also ask questions. If you miss a particular class you will be able to view the archived sessions at a later time.

Teaching Contact Hours

Total Course Duration – 150 HRS
Instructer Led Online Training – 50 HRS
Virtual Labs – 30 HRS
Project – 60 HRS
Assessment – 10 HRS

Entry Requirements

This course is suitable for any technical and non-technical undergraduates.

How To Apply

You can fill in the form to the right or simply walk-in to the nearest authorised Jetking learning center to know more about our course. Visit the center locator to locate the nearest center.
Alternatively, you can call us on 8291947491/92  for any queries. 

How will this course enhance my career prospects?

Digital Marketing Job Opportunities

There are various areas in the field of digital marketing where specialized manpower is required.  Accordingly mentioned below are a few job roles mentioned.

  • Digital marketing manager
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Search Engine optimizer executive
  • SEO Specialist
  • Copy writer
  • Content Marketing Manager