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Global online trainings and certification programs with interactive 3 mode simulation in a virtual environment. Learning on Skillking becomes innovative, interactive, fun and helps to apply knowledge earned to your job. Take a course now !

General Aptitude Test (GAT) is a professional aptitude test designed by Jetking’s team of experts. GAT evaluates a student’s ability to carry out professional duties and degrees of aptitude for different types of work.Take the test now! is currently being updated. You are viewing beta version of the site. We will be back soon.

100% Job Guarantee

Great career begins with right placements

With quality training and placement at Jetking, we prepare each of our students for successful entry into the IT world. We guide them through various processes like resume making, mock interviews etc. Our association with several top IT companies ensure that our students are placed with some of the most renowned and established names in IT industry.

Six steps towards 100% job guarantee  

  • Students database collection
  • Biodata preparations
  • Mock interviews
  • Student’s interview and company recruitment
  • Student appointment letter
  • Student and company satisfaction letter

​​​​​​​Motivation for better job prospects: We motivate students living in remote areas to relocate to metros and cities for better job opportunities and bigger pay packages.