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mcsa course

Microsoft certification

Jetking Certification

Duration: 150 hrs


MCSA or Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate is a career defining certification offered by the Microsoft Corporation. The MCSA certification is considered to be an information technology professional certification for various Microsoft products.

Why choose this course

Certifications are vital to fuel a successful career. Microsoft certification makes technology professionals more likely to get hired, demonstrate clear business impact and advance their careers.

Get hired and be productive, faster

What will I learn?

  • 1. Deploy and Manage Windows Server 2012R2
  • 2.Introduction to Active Directory Domain Services.
  • 3.Manage Active Directory Domain Service Objects.
  • 4. Automating Active Directory Domian Service Administration.
  • 5. Implementing IPv4.
  • 6.Implementing Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.
  • 7.Implementing Domain Name System.
  • 8.Implementing IPv6.
  • 9. Implementing Local Storage.
  • 10. Implementing File and Print Services.
  • 11. Implementing Group Policy.
  • 12. Securing Windows Server using Group Policy Objects.
  • 13. Implementing Server Virtualization with Hyper-V
  • 1. Configuring and Troubleshooting Domian Name System.
  • 2. Maintaining Active Directory Domain Service.
  • 3. Managing User and Service Accounts.
  • 4. Implementing a Group Policy Infrastructure.
  • 5. Managing User Desktops with Group Policy.
  • 6. Installing, Configuring and Troubleshooting the Network Policy Server role.
  • 7. Implementing Network Access Protection.
  • 8. Implementing Remote Access.
  • 9. Optimizing File Services.
  • 10.Configuring Encryption and Advanced Auditing.
  • 11. Deploying and Maintaining Server Images
  • 1.Implementing Advanced Network Services.
  • 2. Implementing Advanced File Services.
  • 3. Implementing Dynamic Access Control.
  • 4. Implementing Distributed Active Directory Domain Services Deployments.
  • 5. Implementing Active Directory Domain Services Sites and Replication.
  • 6. Implementing Active Directory Certificate Services ( AD CS).
  • 7. Implementing Active Directory Rights Management Service (AD RMS).
  • 8. Implementing and Administering Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS).
  • 9. Implementing Network Load Balancing.
  • 10. Implementing Failover Clustering.
  • 11. Implementing Failover Clustering with Hyper-V.
  • 12. Implementing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

How will this course be taught?

This course will taught using our patented SmartLabPlus methodology

How will I be assessed?

We use modern assessment systems to assess and certify our students which include,

  • Technical (online)
  • Practicals & Viva

Teaching Contact Hours

Total duration - 3 months, 6 days/week, 2hours/day.

Entry Requirements


  • Any graduate with working knowledge of Windows and basic understanding of Networks.

How To Apply

You can fill in the form to the right or simply walk-in to the nearest authorised Jetking learning center to know more about our course. Visit the center locator to locate the nearest center.

Alternatively, you can call us on our TOLL FREE number 1800 209 4010 for any queries

How will this course enhance my career prospects?

This course will help you become either one of the following, 

  • Server Administrator
  • System Administrator

Microsoft Server Certification

Microsoft offers several certifications for desktop, server, database, application and developer platforms. At Jetking, we offer a comprehensive training and guide to help you start and earn the co