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Global online trainings and certification programs with interactive 3 mode simulation in a virtual environment. Learning on Skillking becomes innovative, interactive, fun and helps to apply knowledge earned to your job. Take a course now !

General Aptitude Test (GAT) is a professional aptitude test designed by Jetking’s team of experts. GAT evaluates a student’s ability to carry out professional duties and degrees of aptitude for different types of work.Take the test now!

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation & Refund Policy: Applicable on all courses (career +modular)

  • Case 0: Pre course commencement Rs. 5000/- is non refundable,
  • Case 1: Upto 25% Course completion Refund will be- 25% of total fees paid+ 5000 administration charges
  • Case 2: From 25% to 50 % of course completion refund will be- 50% of total fee paid+ 5000 administration charges ,
  • Case 3: Above 50% of course completion, there will be no refund.


  • Modular courses will have to be paid in full
  • Career courses with a minimum of Rs.5000/- and Max of the full course fees will be accepted.